Sexual values

Okay, so sex is a thing between people right? Before I say this, I should say that not all people have sex and that there are asexuals who might not connect with this. Shout out to you and I want to make sure you are still thought of even during my thoughts about this topic.... Continue Reading →

Taking a peak into Not Swell

For the second straight week, Midwest Coast will be shining a spotlight on Not Swell, a DIY art collective based in Wichita, Kansas. Over 30 photos will be showcased in this gallery, shining a light on Summer Schlotterback, Not Swell's dedicated member Eva, the atmosphere of a Not Swell mosh, as well as bands Church... Continue Reading →

Wichita, KS is “Not Swell”

  For concert-goers in the Kansas City region, Wichita, KS does not come to mind when it comes to discussion about local, DIY music scenes that exist throughout the Midwest. That focus stays close to home, with a strong focus on scenes similar to the Kansas City house show venue Kum-N-Go, the electronic scene that... Continue Reading →

I Am Growing…And So Is My Armpit Hair

In 1985 Nair Hair Removal Cream premiered a television ad in which seemingly fun-loving and care-free women, showing off airbrushed legs—much to the excitement of a nearby teenage boy—asked viewers, “Who wears short shorts?” The answer was of course, that they, in fact, wore short shorts. And if you wanted to do the same...well you better... Continue Reading →

Shades of Brown Around Rebeka Pech Moguel

Note: Mason Kilpatrick, the author of the article, is employed by Charlotte Street Foundation as the Marketing + Communications Manager, which is discussed in the article. Amongst all of the suits, briefcases and professional jargon you encounter on a daily visit to downtown Kansas City's Town Pavilion, you will occasionally run into an artist carrying... Continue Reading →

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