Tripping Through Time w/ MK Ultra, The Spook School and Great Grandpa

Petri Productions has been consistently providing entertaining concerts to the Lawrence area since 2016, featuring up-and-coming touring artists like Miwi La Lupa, Loch Lomond, Downtown Boys, Pearl Earl, Lomelda, Girlpool, and so many more. The list goes on and on and local concertgoers can only expect the list to grow in 2018.

With the birth of Midwest Coast, you can expect to see photo galleries of some of the best local music shows in the Midwest region. In the first iteration of this photo series, Tripping Through Time, you can expect to see local concerts retold through photo galleries that utilize the technique of motion blur.

Lately, some of the best shows in the Lawrence area have been featured at The White Schoolhouse. On Friday, February 5 of 2018, Petri Productions hosted a sold-out show at the schoolhouse featuring touring group, Diet Cig. The photo album below features the opening three bands of the show, including Great Grandpa who come from Seattle, The Spook School who are a queer indie-pop punx band who traveled all the way from Scotland(!!!), and Lawrence, Kansas’ own indigenous-fronted, queer, indie rock band MK Ultra. For pictures of Diet Cig, you can check out Fally Afani’s gallery at I Heart Local Music.

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