It Was a Small Moment That Stuck

June 2nd 2016
It was a small moment that stuck


It was a small moment that stuck

You were standing at the sink, your arm stretched out, bony knuckles in a fist on the cabinet above the microwave. There were cookies on the counter and you ate them as I cleaned myself up in the bathroom and looked in the mirror at the marks your teeth had made on my collarbone. Came out to the kitchen naked, sleepy, stoned, and drank water standing next to you. You fed me a cookie, I laid my head on your chest. I left, walked into the bedroom, and put on underwear. A street light laid a warm line across the bed and onto the wall, I stood there, watched it, and drank small sips of water. In the kitchen you were in the same position, leaning, staring at a knot in the wood grain of the cabinet door. I walked slowly to the kitchen, stopping and looking at you there. Everything was still, quiet, shifting and feeling. We, it was a silent, warm word. You held your arm out and I walked to you. You slid your arm across my back, squeezed the nape of my neck. The fridge was singing to us at a low hum. You set your chin on my head, I wrapped my arm around your waist, tucked my face into your collarbone, smelled your neck and stared at the shine of the steel sink. The room felt hundreds of miles wide when I closed my eyes, the faucet dripped and the sound stretched around us, and it was that small moment that stuck.


kayci_lineberger_author_kansasThrough poetry and non-fiction, Kayci Lineberger writes emotional and analytical works regarding the human-animal bond, the influences between the natural world and the existence of the human race, and topics regarding intimacy and empathy. She has contributed to art and literature magazines Out of Hand and Kiosk, and is releasing her first poetry collection, A small moment that stuck in 2018.

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