The water, more than real life

April 2nd 2015
The water, more than real life


I owe
of leaving

Sit on my eyelids as I watch everyone enter and go

It only comes
in moments,
in bending light rays,
in well timed words and wind and a wet strawberry
you pluck from its stem
with your mouth
at a roadside fruit stand

into our mouths

Take two sharp breaths in, the second longer than
the first

And the kiss, the lips


kayci_lineberger_author_kansasThrough poetry and non-fiction, Kayci Lineberger writes emotional and analytical works regarding the human-animal bond, the influences between the natural world and the existence of the human race, and topics regarding intimacy and empathy. She has contributed to art and literature magazines Out of Hand and Kiosk, and is releasing her first poetry collection, A small moment that stuck in 2018.

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