Get Ready to be Spooked

Unsolved mysteries, paranormal phenomenon, the psyche of a sociopathic killer, for many people there is something intrinsically fascinating about the ghoulish and ghastly. This is why horror films are a billion dollar industry and authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz continually sit at the top of the best-seller list. So it only makes sense that some of the most popular podcasts today such as Serial and Last Podcast On the Left would be crime and paranormal related. Recently, I had a chance to talk with Katlyn Conroy, host of one of the newest shows in this genre Creep Quest, to get to the heart of her interest in the subject and what podcasting means to her.


JW: Explain what the premise of your podcast is for those who are unfamiliar?
KC: Creep Quest is a true crime/horror/mystery podcast that explores various subjects that are either current or have ties to current times. We theorize on the cases and then follow up as the information progresses.

JW: How did the origin of the podcast come about?
KC: Chris and I are both big fans of podcasts and specifically True Crime podcasts so it just started as us wanting to do something that we both were already very interested in, but we definitely wanted to give it a twist that was a bit different. I mean, we basically spend most of our time talking about this stuff anyway, so why not record it?

JW: What drew you guys to themes of the macabre and paranormal?
KC: I have always been a huge fan of horror films and Chris and I have bonded over the fact that we spent a lot of our time in high-school looking up the Wikipedias of different serial killers and dark themes like that. I think we were both a bit relieved to learn that it was more normal than we thought and that we were not actually psychopaths.

JW: What are some upcoming episode topics that we should expect in the coming months?
KC: We are going to try and give a lot of variety in the episodes we present, so expect new twists to old cases, alien shit, interdimensional travel, tips on surviving a serial killer, and much more. We also have the variable of if any big case happens like the first episode we did on Peter Madsen which is an incredibly fascinating case that is already progressing faster than we thought it would initially.

JQ: Do you have any podcasts you would recommend? It doesn’t have to be about mysteries.
KC: We would definitely suggest Last Podcast on the Left since I would say that was one of our biggest influences, for other subjects some of my favorites are how did this get made where comedians talk about terrible films and also sex and other human activities which is a great podcast about both sexual issues and mental health.

JW: For you, what is the most important aspect of podcasting culturally?
KC: I think that listening to people speak definitely accesses a different part of our brains then say watching films with as much visual queue or just listening to music so I am all for expanding your mind in different ways. I also think that podcasts are great for people who have social anxiety because you really do feel that you’re part of that conversation a bit.

JW: Do you have anything else you would like to add before we wrap this up?
KC: Definitely give us a try and any feedback positive or negative is very welcome. So this is a podcast geared toward people with specific interest, we hope to bridge the gap and bring a different kind of listener in as well. We want our episodes to be informational, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Forever Creepy and Always Questing!

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