Wichita, KS is “Not Swell”


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For concert-goers in the Kansas City region, Wichita, KS does not come to mind when it comes to discussion about local, DIY music scenes that exist throughout the Midwest. That focus stays close to home, with a strong focus on scenes similar to the Kansas City house show venue Kum-N-Go, the electronic scene that rolls through Niche above Uptown Arts Bar, and the typical college towns that encourage musical exploration like Columbia, MO and Lawrence, KS.

Summer Schlotterback is an active member of a newly developing collective in Wichita, KS named Not Swell. For the next three weeks, concert photography from Summer will be shown to give a brief glimpse into what the collective is up to in Wichita. Through this series of photo galleries, readers will learn more about Summer’s friends who operate within Not Swell, as well as some of the bands who are supported in the local music scene. Summer’s descriptions about the friends and bands she takes photos of give a glimpse into the intimate relationships that create a community like Not Swell.

Not Swell publicly describes themselves as, “an art collective based in Wichita, KS focused on sharing and supporting local artists. We try to collect, print, and distribute art zines in a quarterly issue. We also dabble in screen printing, button making, tape recording/distribution among other things.”

Carson Schneider
“Carson Schneider and I have been friends since the 2nd grade. Even when we were young we knew what we wanted to do. Carson has always been in a band making music and I have always been behind the art. 17 years later after befriending each other, we are still doing the same stuff and we are still doing it together. I think that is really cool.”

King Slug
King Slug is a rock quartet from El Dorado, KS. The 4-piece primarily carries a heavy psych-garage vibe. The group recently release an album in May of 2018 titled Taxidermy Club that features a rather fitting album cover. The band consists of singer Rodney Thomas, lead guitar player Turner Day, percussionist Sutter Woodman and Jay Binks on the bass. The group has been together since 2014 and there are no signs of slowing down now.

Sailor Poon
Austin, TX 5-piece band Sailor Poon recently toured in Wichita, KS recently, making a stop at a Not Swell show. These harsh and loud femmes will send you into a psychedelic spiral anger and passionate expression. “White Male Meltdown” from their last album, B-Sides and Rarities is a joy for people looking to get into the group.

Not Swell
The last photos in this series are Summer’s photos of various Not Swell shows that showcase the weird, intimate, and socially active parts of the collective. To get an overall sense of the vibe of how shows feel and operate, try placing yourself in these photos.

Get ready for more photos about Not Swell through the lens of Summer Schlotterback soon.

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