Taking a peak into Not Swell

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For the second straight week, Midwest Coast will be shining a spotlight on Not Swell, a DIY art collective based in Wichita, Kansas. Over 30 photos will be showcased in this gallery, shining a light on Summer Schlotterback, Not Swell’s dedicated member Eva, the atmosphere of a Not Swell mosh, as well as bands Church Tiller and Spring Awakening. This is part of the opening series providing a sneak peek into the collective called Not Swell, as Midwest Coast plans to dig deeper into Wichita for more interviews and features about the artists within the next few months.

Summer Schlotterback, the photographer of this series and a Not Swell member, has given three insightful photos about her personality. Whether she is napping on the lawn or documenting the show of the evening, she is sure to have a beer in hand. Do not let her intensity fool you. Summer is a large supporter of the local music scene in central Kansas and upcoming interviews will provide more context to her role at Not Swell.

Also featured is Not Swell member Eva, who Summer claims to be “a badass bitch if I have ever met one. She looks like a teddy bear but she is not afraid to tell you off. Also being a member of NotSwell, she is dedicated, smart, creative, all in all, a wonderful person to work with and a great person to have as a close friend.”

Church Tiller is an improv band featured in the gallery made up of several Not Swell members. Summer says, “I love them because they don’t have a practice. They are literally just out there having fun with their friends, jamming out and loving every minute of it. There is something very pure about the improv performances that they put on.”

A solid portion of photos was also taken in April 2018 during Not Swell’s Spring Awakening house show at the Swellhaus. The immersive concert featured several Kansas rock groups including black metal band from Northeastern Kansas, April Mist, Lawrence-based emo band Trophy Husband, Wichita rock group Not Cops, Hutchinson’s trash-punk band Deep Throat, and Wichita-based Kiss 2.

Last but not least, throughout the gallery you can find images Summer has taken of Not Swell patrons moshing at various music shows. “Mosh photos are possibly my favorite,” says Summer. “I love the obscurity and the motion. I enjoy watching people let their guard down and move freely. Nobody is worried about all of the insignificant stressors placed on us by society. They are simply moshing, letting out pent-up energy in a way that makes sense to them.”

Sit tight for more photos next week and look out for more interviews from this collective several months down the road.

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