December 28, 2019

Can you really enjoy something if you constantly fear losing it? As you sit and predict the day they die, a relationship with a grandparent could be stained. All of the time you spend with them is unfairly looked over because your mind is spending time and energy thinking…thinking about their death. You are not thinking about the current experiences you are having with them. If you love them, focus on them in the current experience.

I am guilty of this line of thought. Donald Logue is 87 years old and I have been expecting him to die for a while now. It made me view him differently. I have since changed this mindset and my time with him is much more fulfilling for the two of us.

What about when you are with a romantic partner? The feelings I have are intense and serious for the current person in my life right now. I am very much fascinated and amazed by this person. But their dating patterns have encouraged me to keep an open mind. They are an Aries and they love attention. They could most likely always have a new squeeze or love interest. They also have more open experiences than I and I don’t know if that is a lifestyle I need in my life.

The odds of them sticking around for a long time is slim because of this personality trait. And you know what? That is totally okay.

Just be thankful for what you get while you get it. And get it while you can.

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