Are you looking to contribute to Midwest Coast? If you are interested in creating material that aligns with Midwest Coast’s Mission Statement, chances are highly likely that you can join the collective! Before applying, you are also welcome to visit our team page to ask various team members about how they are involved with Midwest Coast and how much time they devote to this project.

There are not many requirements that go into being a team member. All we ask is that you create content for the website somewhat consistently (1-2 posts a month). We have no requirements for the types of content that you can make as well. If you would like to tell stories through many different ways, that is awesome!

Here are current formats in which Midwest Coast is telling through stories through:

  • Written Articles (Interviews, reviews, op-eds, etc., the longer the better)
  • Interviews (Written, audio or video)
  • Photo Galleries (Concert reviews, art galleries, location photography)
  • Videos (Music videos, social media promos, fly on the wall documentaries)
  • Fictional and non-fictional work (poetry, short stories, long stories, etc.)

If you are interested in making content in any of these forms, or in new and exciting ways, please send an email to

Please send a description of yourself, a resume, examples of your work, and a few pitches for the kind of stories you want to tell! Remember that this is currently a volunteer hobby for everyone on staff. So make sure that you come with an idea of how much you can devote this project when balancing other responsibilities you have! We are always looking for new people to work and hang out with, especially if they are passionate about telling stories and helping others learn. You don’t need experience in these kinds of projects to contribute. As long as you are willing to learn and grow at what you want to do, that is cool with us!

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