Mission Statement: Midwest Coast is a volunteer collective that aims to inspire others through stories of attrition, interest, difference, and culture in the Midwest region. These stories provide insight into the ideas and passions of people, events, systems, and art between Texas and North Dakota and from Colorado to Missouri.


Cody Boston

Cody Boston
Digital content producer, videographer, photographer, buddy, pal, friend

Cody Boston lives in Shawnee, KS and graduated from the University of Kansas in 2017 with a bachelors degree in Film & Media Studies.

Cody was a former Content Director and Multimedia Director at KJHK 90.7 FM and currently produces video, photo and audio content for KCPT, The Bridge 90.9 FM, and Flatland in Kansas City, MO. Cody also produces music videos and short films on a freelance basis. You can follow him on Instagram at @yaboiboston and view more of his work at

To contact him about possible stories, video projects, or creative collaborations, you can email him at

cheesy-mason-683x1024Mason Kilpatrick
Founder of Midwest Coast, staff writer, editor, podcast producer, cat admirer

Mason Kilpatrick currently lives in Lawrence, KS and works in Kansas City, MO. Mason graduated from the University of Kansas in 2017 with a bachelors degree in Film and Media Studies and a bachelors degree in Communication Studies. He is currently the Marketing + Communications Manager at Charlotte Street Foundation, an organization that aims to help the Kansas City art community. Mason was a former Station Manager at KJHK 90.7 FM, a former content producer at KCPT, Flatland and The Bridge 90.9 FM, and an Artist and Label Relations Intern for Apple Music and iTunes at Apple Inc.

Mason’s current hobbies consist of writing articles, telling stories through digital images, watching films and consuming too much pizza. Mason’s favorite moon phase is the waning gibbous.

For questions about Midwest Coast, interviews, story ideas or the possibility to contribute, you can email him at Follow him on Instagram at @masonandrewk.

kayci_lineberger_author_kansasKayci Lineberger
Staff editor, writer

Through poetry and non-fiction, Kayci Lineberger writes emotional and analytical works regarding the human-animal bond, the influences between the natural world and the existence of the human race, and topics regarding intimacy and empathy. She has contributed to art and literature magazines Out of Hand and Kiosk. Kayci currently lives in Lawrence, KS.

She is releasing her first poetry collection, A small moment that stuck in 2018.

You can follow Kayci on Instagram at @riverwrists.

chad_onianwa_kansas_city_midwest_castChad Onianwa
Staff writer, digital content producer, podcast producer

Chad Onianwa graduated from the University of Kansas in 2017 and is currently a digital content producer for Rocket Grants in Kansas City. Chad was formerly the Arts & Culture Director at KJHK 90.7 FM and was a producer for KCUR 89.3 FM. He currently lives in Lawrence, KS.

Chad also produces art centered around immigrant, first-generation and other generation artists of the Midwest. This includes drawing, sketching, writing, photography and more. You can follow Chad on Instagram at @chad_oni.

If you would like to reach out to Chad for story ideas or to talk about his art, you can reach him at

kaitlin_tucker_kansas_midwest_castKaitlin Tucker
Staff writer, amateur photographer, dog whisperer

Kaitlin currently lives and works in Hutchinson, KS at the local Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center (SADVC). Kaitlin graduated from Fort Hays State University in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies. Kaitlin’s hobbies include anything that involves spending time with animals, taking amateur photos with old film cameras, and watching Arrested Development for the 100th time. You can follow Kaitlin on Instagram at @kaitlintucker.

jake-waters-midwest-coastJake Waters
Staff writer, podcast producer, temporary secretary

Jake Waters graduated from the University of Kansas in 2015 with a bachelors degree in Film & Media Studies. Jake currently works at the Basehor Community Library and lives in Lawrence, KS. Jake was a former Programming Director at KJHK 90.7 FM and they volunteer for The Audio-Reader Network in Lawrence. Jake has written for various other websites such as Borrowing Tape, Freakin’ Awesome Network, and One Week One Band.

You can contact Jake for story ideas or general conversation about music at You can follow them on Instagram at @jakew000.

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